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What is the Complete Pricing Estimate for Bathroom Renovations?

A bathroom renovation can transform even the oldest and most rundown bathroom into a bright, fresh and comfortable room you will love. But how much does a bathroom renovation cost? The answer to this will vary greatly depending on the size of your bathroom, the fixtures you choose, how much of the original structure needs to be changed and many other factors.

To help you plan your budget for your bathroom renovation, we will look at:

  • Average Cost of Bathroom Renovations
  • Cost Based on Size of Bathroom
  • Renovation Costs Based on Type of Bathroom
  • What makes up total renovation costs?
  • Plumbing and Electrical Considerations
  • What Can Increase the Cost of Bathroom Renovations?
  • How to Stay on Budget with a Bathroom Renovation
  • Final Thoughts and Getting Started with Bathroom Renovations

Average Costs: How Much do You Need to Renovate Your Bathroom?

To start, let’s look at the average price range for bathroom renovations. Most renovation projects will average around $13,000. However, small bathrooms that need minimal work could be as low as $4,500 while large bathrooms could near $20,000 or more.

Cost Based on Size of Bathroom

The size of your bathroom will be one of the biggest factors in determining total cost for your renovation. This is especially true if you are getting tile work done, painting or any other project that would apply to the total square footage of your bathroom.

Each of the options below include average costs for a bathroom that would include typical components including flooring, fixtures, walls, labour and disposal. These are rough estimates and your individual project can vary greatly.

Small Bathroom Renovation Costs (20 to 40 square feet): For a small bathroom, you can expect to pay an average of around $9,000 to $12,000 if you plan to have most or all of the fixtures replaced. However, if you are using a small bathroom as a half-bath (sink and toilet, but no shower or tub), this could be much lower.

Medium Bathroom Renovation Costs (41 to 110 square feet): For a medium bathroom, you can expect to pay between $12,000 and $17,000.

Large Bathroom Renovation Costs (110 square feet plus): Bathrooms of this size vary in price dramatically. On average a full renovation is likely to cost upwards of $19,000. Many factors can affect this though and large bathrooms are the most prone to going over budget since there are so many features you have room to add.

Renovation Costs Based on Type of Bathroom

Though average costs are a good starting point, the cost for your individual project can vary greatly based on the purpose of your bathroom. For example, a luxury master bathroom should have more expensive features while a kids’ bathroom should focus on durable, inexpensive fixtures.  Let’s look at a few common bathroom types and considerations for them.

Guest Bathroom: If you have a bathroom that is used primarily for guests, you will want it to look nice and have quality basics. While you should feel free to spend more on this bathroom if you want to, consider that guests will only be using it on an infrequent basis. This is not a main bathroom for anyone and you should not feel obligated to give it all the bells and whistles.  Concentrate on picking a simple theme and choosing fixtures that are in the middle price range.

Children’s Bathroom: Focus on fixtures that are durable for a child’s bathroom. This will save you the regret of seeing an expensive wallpaper or tile ruined by crayon. Additionally, consider a relatively plain theme for this bathroom especially if your children are young. Instead of custom walls painted with favorite cartoon characters, add simple, removable decor items. Children will likely want to change up the design as they get older and a simple design will be easier to customize.

Half-Bath: Many homes have a half-bath which includes a toilet and sink but no tub. If this is your guest bathroom, follow the guidelines above when choosing your options. This bathroom is likely to be the cheapest because it is smaller and will not include a tub, one of the most expensive elements of a bathroom renovation.

Master Bathroom: This is your bathroom and you should prioritize making it exactly to your preferences. Consider that of all the bathroom types, this is the one that will likely get the most use. For many, a master bath is not only a place to bathe but also a changing room and area for hair, makeup and other grooming. Splurge on wide counters that give you plenty of space for all the items you use in the morning or an extra-large tub.


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What makes up total renovation costs?

Renovation Costs = Materials + Labour + Removal/Disposal of Old Materials. When budgeting and looking at prices, keep these three elements in mind. While disposal and labour can be quite cheap on small fixtures like lighting, some will need extra labour and care.

For example, lighting fixtures will average around 350 for materials, labour and disposal combined. On the other end of the spectrum, a bathtub and installation materials cost an average of about $920. Labour to install a tub will average around $600 to $800. Disposal of your old tub and materials could be as little as $60 but could be as much as $400 depending. A bathtub is typically the most costly fixture you will purchase and you likely expect the final cost to be roughly double the price of the tub itself.

Permits, Plumbing, and Electrical Considerations

Whenever possible, it is best to work with existing plumbing and electrical elements. Attempting to move or replace these systems can be costly due to special permit requirements. Some homes will have easier access to their plumbing and/or electric systems and may not be a huge issue while other homes will require more work behind the walls.

However, if you do need to upgrade or move any electrical or plumbing, during a remodel is the best time to do it. Your contractor will be able to tell you the best options for your home.

Electrical Considerations What Can Increase the Cost of Bathroom Renovations?

While average costs are great to know, it is also important to keep in mind what might increase the cost of a renovation. Let’s take a look at a few of the most common reasons a renovation could increase.

Luxury Items: Average estimates are based on economy and standard fixtures. Luxury items can greatly affect the final cost.

Last-Minute Changes: Ideally, you will choose all of your fixtures, tiles etc. upfront and stay with those choices. Attempting to change items after they have already been ordered can become more costly and also slow down the total project.

Hidden Issues: Certain things like mold damage behind walls, leaking pipes and other issues will not be visible at the time of your estimate. If issues like this are discovered as the project begins, you will likely see an increase in your final cost.

Custom Items: Sometimes you just have to go custom. Both very small and very large bathrooms often do well with custom fixtures. For small bathrooms, choosing a low-profile toilet or sink can save precious floor space. Customization for a small bathroom may also include custom storage solutions. For large bathrooms, you may want to consider larger fixtures and special features to make use of the space.

Structural Modifications: If you choose an extra-large bathtub, heavy marble tiles or anything else that adds significant weight, you may need your floors reinforced. This will involve special contractor services.  Similarly, if you want to add walls or widen a window, this will take special consideration and cost.

How to Stay on Budget with a Bathroom Renovation

Any renovation project can get out of hand in terms of cost and schedule. Here are some tips for you to stay informed and on budget when choosing your renovation options.

Avoid Making Last Minute Decisions: Choosing the tile or tub you will likely have in your bathroom for many years to come can produce some anxiety. Seemingly small details like the color of the tile or walls can become major decisions. While The Basement Finishing Company will always work with you to get the fixtures you want, it can be expensive to change your mind once materials are already purchased. Instead, take your time at the beginning of the project to consider the features you want most.

Be Mindful of Premium Items: As you start to choose elements for your bathroom, it can be easy to get carried away picking the best and most expensive items. While it might seem reasonable to spend a few hundred extra for a premium tile design you like, this can really start to add up if you choose premium or luxury options on all fixtures.

Prioritize: Consider what is most important to you in your bathroom and budget for this first. This might mean having an extra large tub, a custom vanity, spacious counters, heated floor etc. Nail down the cost for the features you want most first before putting your attention on other items. This will help to ensure you do not go over budget and that you get the features you want most.

Leave Room in the Budget: Even the best thought out estimate is likely to change a little by the end of the project. This can happen because the cost of materials went up or because of issues that could not be factored in when giving the estimate. For example, plumbing issues or hidden mold will not be obvious until fixtures and tiles are removed.  Try to leave room in your budget for at least a potential 5% to 10% increase above the estimate.

Work With What You Have: As mentioned above, it can save you money and time to work with existing electrical and plumbing infrastructure. Similarly, you may also want to consider refinishing your tub versus replacing it. This will save on both labour and material costs.


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Final Thoughts and Getting Started with Bathroom Renovations

All of the costs listed here are averages and your project could cost significantly less or more. To ensure you stay on budget and are happy with the final results prioritize the features you want most and work with existing structures when possible. Most of all, work with a trusted renovation company.

The Basement Finishing Company proudly serves the Toronto area with full service renovation and remodeling options. To schedule a consultation for your bathroom renovations, call us at 1-647-370-9448.