These Tips Will Give Your Bathroom a Fresh Start - Basement Finishing Company These Tips Will Give Your Bathroom a Fresh Start - Basement Finishing Company
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These Tips Will Give Your Bathroom a Fresh Start

Bathroom Renovations

Bathroom renovations are the perfect revamp if you are looking for a home makeover project. The bathroom is undoubtedly one of the busiest and hardest working places in the house where you do your personal daily routine. You take a bath, answer the call of nature, and do your other hygiene regimen in this area. Thus, make sure you invest in a high-quality bathroom remodeling project with new fixtures or just go all-out for a major overhaul.

Bathroom Renovations for Contemporary Homes

There are minor and major bathroom makeovers to choose from, depending on various factors such as your needs and available budget. Washroom renovation gives you a more comfortable and relaxing space especially with expert work from professional renovators. Some of the comprehensive remodeling projects include the following upgrades on significant features:


Update your lighting fixture to give a different flair of drama in your space while making sure the functionality is still intact. Replace unflattering, harsh, or dim lighting with modern and energy-efficient ones. There are beautiful lighting fixtures that you can install, offering a relaxing ambiance to the washroom’s overall aesthetic.

Washroom Fixtures

Upgraded premium fixtures inside the bathroom such as your faucets, toilet, bathtub, sink, and shower. These are popular fixture options, which enhance the washroom without too much strain on your budget, energy, and time.


One of the essential features of a bathroom is the flooring, which not only ensures aesthetic appeal but your safety as well. You can always go simple and choose economical flooring materials such as vinyl. There are expensive flooring materials if you have extra cash to spare such as ceramic tiles or hardwood. Make sure they are practical for upkeep and slip-resistant for safety purposes.

Electric and Plumbing

Energy efficiency is one of the top reasons why you need to invest in updates on your electric and plumbing system. Renovating the plumbing and electric features are worth your investment. Replacements or upgrades could help you maximize your energy and water consumption inside the bathroom.

How much would it cost?

Bathroom renovation costs vary from one remodeling project to another particularly on the extent of the makeover you want to invest in. Major overhauls are financially demanding but you can certainly see a huge difference in the result. Minor revamps, although minimal, could still make some noticeable changes and could save you time, money, and energy.

Other essential factors could affect the cost of bathroom renovations such as the quality of materials for the project and the current state of your bathroom. The more damages that need immediate repair or replacement, the bigger your renovation cost would be.

Should you hire professional bathroom renovators?

Quality and comprehensive bathroom remodeling is not a DIY task, to begin with thus, you need the help of renovation specialists for your project. The good news is that you can find numerous companies offering bathroom and home renovation services in your area. You can check different sources such as the Internet if you want to check reviews and feedbacks about the service provider. You can also ask for a recommendation from others who may know a reliable and reputable contractor for bathroom renovations. Choose the experts that provide in-home consultation, property assessment, and efficiently coordinate with you from start to finish.

Bathroom renovations are worth every dollar you spend because revamping this space gives you immediate benefits for your comfort and satisfaction. Find a trusted bathroom renovator with the expertise and experience for a hassle-free washroom makeover. Call Basement Finishing Company experts now for a consultation or free estimates to give you a clear idea to jump-start your project.


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