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What is basement underpinning?

Basement underpinning is a delicate process whereby the soil beneath your basement floor is excavated to be lowered. It is usually done in homes where the basement was built initially as a crawlspace for storage and where the homeowners wish to create a full-height living space. The basement underpinning process must be done correctly since errors or negligence could result in cracked walls and damaged foundations that could compromise the entire structure of your house. Basement Finishing Company, with its experienced, fully licensed professionals and reputation for attention to detail, is a top choice for basement underpinning.

Preparing for the basement underpinning process

Like all of the work done by Basement Finishing Company, the basement underpinning process is unique to the house, the current state of the basement, and the homeowner’s intended use for the space.

As a first step, we evaluate the condition of your walls and foundations, identify the load-bearing structures in your basement, and establish how you would like the basement to be used.

With this done, we will send in an engineer and an architect who will work together to create a design that considers the load-bearing walls and the locations of furnace connections, duct openings, and other factors the construction could impact. Once the plans are complete, our team will submit them to city authorities and obtain the necessary permits.

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How does the basement underpinning process work?

Once the plans have been completed and the permits have been issued, we can begin. The basement underpinning process follows several general steps, as follows:

  • Site preparation: First, we ensure that your home can continue to function while construction is underway. We do this by installing temporary supports and moving furnace connections, electrical cabling, and ductwork out of the way.
  • Lowering the basement: The main part of the job involves excavating the soil beneath the house and replacing it with material that is strong enough to support what will be the new structure of the home. In most cases, a concrete base is used to provide strength and equal weight distribution. In some homes, concrete beams may be used for additional support. Other methods of underpinning, such as the use of piles encased in steel, may be considered in some cases.
  • Removing the old floor: As the soil is excavated and filled with concrete, the original concrete floor is removed. The whole process is usually done in sections. When everything has been completed, we are ready to take out the original plumbing and replace it with plumbing that is suitable for the new basement configuration.
  • Waterproofing: Ensuring a dry basement is critical not only for the integrity of the home but for the health of its occupants. Our team will install a waterproof membrane to prevent moisture from coming in from the outside. The foundation walls will be backfilled, and a sump pump and drainage system will be installed to ensure that groundwater is directed away from the basement.
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Why Choose Basement Finishing Company? 

It is critical that you select a basement underpinning company that has the right levels of experience and expertise in work of this nature. Basement Finishing Company has a lot to offer, including the following:

  • We carry comprehensive insurance in case of the unlikely event of our work causing damage or injury.
  • Our staff are highly experienced professionals who have the latest knowledge, extensive training, and full certifications.
  • We proudly stand behind our work with a full warranty.
  • Our customer support staff are professional and friendly, and they will never leave you waiting for answers.
  • We pay close attention to every detail – something that is critical in basement underpinning work.
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