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How to Choose a Reliable Basement Renovator in Vaughan

How to Choose a Reliable Basement Renovator in Vaughan

Choosing the right basement finishing company for your basement renovations in Vaughan requires research and time. The last thing you want is to engage the services of a company that fails to deliver on seeing the project through. Even after completion, you would expect the quality of workmanship to be superb. How, then, can you minimize the chances of hiring the wrong contractor? In Vaughan, there is more than one choice. You just have to know how to find the most reliable basement renovator.

How to the Best Basement Renovator in Vaughan

Canada hosts plenty of basement finishing companies, and there are good reasons for it; an ever-expanding market and demand for basement renovation. The Vaughan area is not an exception.

After having decided to turn your basement into a living space, whatever the purpose may be, the next thing to do is to find a reliable contractor. All companies you talk to will try to explain why they are your best choice.

How do you know which one is the perfect fit for you?

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It is no secret that there are unprofessional contractors that do not deliver on time. Besides the delay, their quality of work is questionable. Even though they offer cheap services, you may end up spending more due to mistakes. Because they send inexperienced or unqualified people to your home, they could damage your existing plumbing and electrical systems.

To cut off the bad contractors from your list of basement renovators in Vaughan, read on.

1. Know What You Want to Do with Your Basement

Some basement finishing companies offer to build anything you want. Others, on the other hand, specialize in niche markets. For example, one that focuses on turning basements into offices can offer you discounted pricing on office furniture. Take this into consideration as cheaper pricing on products aside, their experience in a specific design is a plus.

Go ahead, ask for referrals. Search using Google. Compile a list of companies and take note of reviews and testimonials – if available. Do note that fake reviews are within the realm of possibilities. If it is too glaring, that company is not for you.

2. Avoid New Businesses and Companies

Only new companies – those without a track record – and those that are not getting enough business would offer the cheapest pricing on basement renovations.

Yes, a new contractor would indeed move heaven and earth to exceed your expectations, their inexperience could be costly. If you were to consider such a company, then find out how experienced their people are, and if these individuals are capable. You do not want to end up having inexperienced people working in your basement.

More importantly, you do not want to engage the services of a company that is barely surviving. They are more likely to cut corners or take your money and not finish the job.

For peace of mind, you might as well choose among the highly recommended and reputable basement finishing contractors.

3. Ask for License and Relevant Permits

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How do you know that the contractor is qualified for the job when they do not have the relevant credentials like licenses?

While at it, exercise due diligence. Never assume that the person or company you are talking with is duly licensed. The right basement renovator would willingly show you their credentials if asked. If they cannot show you anything, run.

4. Ask People for Recommendation

A friend or workmate may have had their basement renovated, or knows someone who did. Ask around, and someone may make recommendations. You can also ask people – if you happen to know some – who work with contractors. They could be building inspectors, suppliers, anyone.

At the same time, someone may have had a horrible experience. At the very least, you could avoid a similar fate by making sure not to hire that company.

5. Start Early

The best time to start finding contractors in Vaughan is about the same time that you contemplate remodeling your basement. Every single step you take towards the actual start of construction can take time, so you might as well begin early.

For sure, you are going to need time to compile the necessary information and process before arriving at a decision.

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6. Talk to Several Basement Finishing Companies

You can call different contractors and ask them the right questions to get an idea of how they work. Consider their accessibility, availability, and experience, and professionalism.

Go the extra mile and ask the following:

  • How many projects have they completed?
  • What is their primary specialization area?
  • Do they work with subcontractors, and for how long?

As you talk to one company after another, more questions could be raised. If so, go back to the others and ask.

In the end, you should have asked each of the candidates the same questions.

7. Avoid Hiring General Contractors

General contractors who work in all areas like offices, homes, and public facilities may not have the specific skill for your home renovation needs. Companies like the Basement Finishing are only specialized to provide home and basement renovations. With a trained and licensed team, the company offers quality and high-class home and renovation services.

8. Get at Least Three Bids

Comparing bids and estimates from different renovation companies will help you settle within your budget for the task. It also enables you to get an idea of what the standard cost of the job is. Besides, talking to different companies will give you excellent knowledge, which could be a basis for your negotiation skills.

9. Have an Open Conversation

Communication is essential for any successful agreement and negotiations. Always strive to have an open conversation with the contractor throughout the negotiation process.

9. Negotiate

The point of carrying out a negotiation is to ensure that you are charged the right value for the service and that you are both comfortable with the amount. Do not show that you are very desperate to have your basement renovated and that you can pay any amount.

If you know someone more knowledgeable than yourself, then ask them to be part of your negotiations when meeting with the basement contractor.

10. Check the Company’s Two Similar Projects

You have settled down on the best price. Before you accept the deal, check the contractor’s previous works on similar past projects. If possible, have a conversation with the customer and pay a visit to have a look by yourself. Ask the homeowner if the contractor completed in time and whether the work they did meet their expectations. Having these details will help you project how the contractor will work on your basement renovation.

11. Know the Red Flags

Every successful and experienced contractor is open and always makes their essential information available, including their contacts and samples of their work. They do not hide anything from you and stay as open as possible to you.

Be careful of the contractors who hide their basic information, do not have websites and social media presence. Worse, they do have any reviews or references.

12. Take a Keen Look at the Company’s Portfolio

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Most companies include their best works in their portfolio. A good portfolio should contain at least ten projects and have photos before, during, and after completion. The pictures give you an idea of how they conduct the process and the results.

Look out for a portfolio with very few past projects. It means that the company is new or has given very few good results that they can be proud of.

Since most companies include their only best projects in their portfolio, check on their results. If any project looks substandard and below your expectations, likely, their average work is not great as well. Take them off your list.


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