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How Long Does Basement Finishing in Toronto Take?

Basement finishing in Toronto is one of the best ways you can add value to your home while claiming more livable and valuable space. Although, this project is a great idea, however, people often feel reluctant to explore the opportunity because of a certain factor — time.

You may not be ready to vacate the house pending the project process. Or maybe you can’t afford to wait months until completion of the basement. The truth is that the idea that the basement finishing in Toronto takes months to complete is a myth.

In general, the basement finishing in Toronto doesn’t take more than a month or two for total completion. However, depending on your area, the condition of the basement, electrical facilities, and the contractors, the time required for a basement makeover can vary. In addition, the total time required for basement finishing will depend on the size of the project, the work schedule, and the components involved.

Are you worried that your basement project may take too much time? In this article, we will provide you with helpful insight on the timeframes of the basement finishing Toronto and factors that can extend the timeline.


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What is Basement Finishing?

A basement finishing involves framing, mechanical work, installing the wall, ceiling, and floor finishes, and painting or wallpapering. Finishing your basement will arguably add resale value to your home and can give you an investment return of about 70%.

The basement is a room that requires efficient structure elements. The moisture in a basement can lead to mould as well as high possibilities for leaks or flooding. This calls for material and a system specially created to cover all these factors. Consequently, this ensures that your project will last for years after your investment.

Basement Finishing: How Long Does it Take?

Basement finishing in Toronto usually takes 4 -7 weeks depending on the size of the project. Usually, the timeline for this project depends on the reliability of the contractor, and a slew of other factors. They include:

The Amount of Work Involved in Finishing the Basement

While finishing your project, the contractor will hang drywall and install new flooring over the concrete subfloor. This way, your basement will look link an extension of your other rooms. They will also make sure to encase any pipes or ductwork to prevent damage and add to the aesthetic appeal of the room.

The length of time it will take is determined by the amount of work involved. For example, you may have to waterproof your basement before you start to prevent water and mould damage after that. The more the extent of finishing that has to be done, the more the time it will take.

The Basement Project Size

Generally, having a big basement means a longer completion time compared to if you own a smaller room. After the basement finishing plans are finalized, your contractor will estimate how long the project will take to complete.

It would be best if you ask your contractor about past experiences and what size of basements they have worked in the past. An experienced contractor will be able to adequately estimate your project completion timeframe.

Possibility of a Basement Subfloor

Some basements often have concrete floors, which makes it easier to install flooring later. For example, homeowners can easily install carpet or hardwood flooring over a concrete slab.

While concrete can be used as a subfloor, keep in mind that concrete is also porous enough to let in moisture. To protect your newly finished basement, you’ll want to pick flooring materials that can resist water and mould damage.

Hiring a Contractor

It would be best if you did proper research before hiring a basement renovation contractor by asking for references. Other things to put into consideration before hiring a contractor are their licensing and insurance situation. If a contractor asks for more than 50% of their payment upfront, walk away quickly. Although it’s normal for a contractor to ask for a down payment, however, here is a limit to what you need to pay upfront.

Ideally, you should schedule your payments so that they correspond with how much progress has been made. For example, the first payment can be given after the materials have been delivered.

Many of the horror stories we’ve heard started because the homeowner didn’t recognize the red flag of paying the contractor too much upfront. The best way to keep your basement completion project on schedule is to hire a reputable contractor with excellent references.


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Factors That Impact a Basement Finishing in Toronto Timeline

Some common features in a basement that can affect the finishing timeline include the following:

Tile showers

Tile showers take additional time to install over a typical fibreglass shower. However, this work can be done as other items are being completed in the outline above. Most times, it will not cause a project to take any longer unless the tile work is very custom.

Bar & Bar Countertop

Typically, bar cabinets can be installed within a few days (after drywall is complete). However, countertops normally cannot be templated until after the cabinets are in place. Templating is when the countertop fabricator comes in to get exact measurements for your countertop, and this is not done until the cabinets are set in place.

Once the template is complete, it can take around two (2) to three (3) weeks for the countertop to be installed. Only after the countertop is installed, can the sink and other items be hooked up. All of this contributes to the length of time it takes to finish a basement.


If you’re a craftsman who loves customized work, then customization might take more time and labour. Whenever projects add customized features such as built-in, wine cellars, cabinets etc. you can expect the project to take longer. The customized features may be the focal point of your basement so don’t cross them off the list. However, do be aware your contractor will likely need additional time to complete the customized work.

The quality of the basement finishes

Another factor that determines the duration of a basement project is the quality you desire. There are different options for flooring, paints, hardware, or doors and windows which may take less or more time to install in your new basement.

One of the good examples is the type of flooring that is laid down at the end of the job. If you want to have carpet or laminate on your floor, then it would take a maximum of 2 days to have it done. In the same vein, engineered hardwood flooring can take up to 5 days for the same size basement.

Unexpected Challenges

There may be obstacles in the way of your basement contractor after the project starts. It’s very normal for a few hiccups to slightly affect your project timeline. Deficiencies with the basement such as cracks, water leaks and mould are not usually included in the renovation quote and may have to be dealt with separately.

Finish material delivery could also delay the job by a few days if there is a logistics delay. Also, inspections cannot be controlled by contractors and will only depend on the volume of city inspector appointments in the area.

Additional rooms

An average basement is defined as a basement with an open concept and fewer walls. The timeline for the job will increase with the addition of each room and wall. Ultimately, closets, bedrooms, and separations may take up to a few days of human effort.

Also, kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms will need more additional time for finishing. This is due to more work, such as tiling on the walls, plumbing, and different flooring. All the rooms may not necessarily delay the entire job but it will definitely increase working hours.

Labour force on the project

If you want your project to be completed faster, you need to hire a company with a sizable workforce. If you hire a one-person job contractor, your finishing project may take longer


In conclusion, the basement finishing in Toronto can take up to 8 weeks, depending on the size of the project and some other factors. Notably, it’s essential to understand that finishing your basement is different from remodelling your basement. To complete your house basement is to create a livable space from an unlivable space. A basement remodel requires more work and thus takes more time than finishing a basement.

The above insight on basement finishing in Toronto duration and factors that affect the timeline should give you an edge in determining how long it’ll take to complete your basement. A basement finish relies upon several types of craftsmen to accomplish a quality job. With that, there comes a certain element of surprise delays.

Take the brief properly, consult multiple contractors before making your decision. Also, avoid making full payment upfront. It is better to make a part payment of around 50% rather than a full payment. That way, you can avoid unpleasant surprises from your contractor.

Your basement finishing project can be completed in a few weeks when you work with excellent professionals. Do you have any questions about getting your basement finished? Contact Basement Finishing Company today!


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