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How Long Does a Whole Home Renovation Take?

A whole home renovation can last from three weeks to an entire year, depending on the scale of the project. Many people hate to undergo the stress of renovating their homes. But at the end of the day, it’s your space, and any time you’re investing in it will offer wonderful results.

As a building gets older, parts of it start to grow weaker. In the long run, some parts of the home will need renovation.

A home renovation project is not just about keeping the house in good shape. Your home renovation project also offers plenty of aesthetic value. The added beauty and comfort that comes with home renovations are the reasons more than half of Canadians are willing to do it.

Here, we’ll discuss how long a whole home renovation takes. You’ll also learn about the steps you have to take before renovating your home.

How Long Does Home Renovation Take?

Home renovation involves breaking down and rebuilding some parts of a building to make it stronger and more attractive.

The duration of a whole home renovation depends majorly on the level of work and the execution of every step. The workload also depends on your taste and the design you choose.

There are different levels of home renovation, and they have various time frames for their completion. The level of renovation the building needs determines how long the project will last.

Small/Cosmetic Project

A renovation project that doesn’t require the movement of walls and plumbing doesn’t take much time to complete. Small projects of this nature will take between one week to a month to complete.

Besides measuring the project per square footage, the major factor of a small project is that the layout remains the same—for example, kitchen or bathroom renovation that doesn’t require moving the walls and plumbing. A bathroom renovation can take a week for completion, but most contractors use two.

Small renovation projects involve removing and replacing items in a room. It makes the room look finer and updated. Interior or exterior painting, new appliances and countertops, and basic floor replacement are examples of small-scale renovation projects.

Cosmetic projects are mostly for minor repairs or updating the strong points of the house. You can complete most of these little tasks using DIY methods. But bigger tasks that require tampering with the plumbing, electricals and carpentry are for professionals.

To complete the home remodel project faster, try to get all the materials you need. By doing so, when the construction commences, there’ll be little or no roadblocks. The unavailability of renovation materials can stall the whole project.

Mid Size Project

Midsize projects take around three to six months to complete. Midsize or medium projects involve renovations that are more than a small project. Most whole home renovations fall under this project category.

For example, relocating the sink to a new centre island, setting up a new fireplace in your living room can be considered to be examples of midsize renovation. These types of renovations may look simple but may take several weeks to complete.

Midsize projects involve removing and replacing certain parts of the house. But you won’t be facing any major changes or repairs.

Large Projects

Large renovation projects have to do with renovations that affect the general outlook of the whole home. Large projects require a long preparation time and, as you may already know, a fat budget.

You have to be ready to spend the next six to twelve months on renovation. It takes that long because the homeowner has to be okay with the design and must abide by the laws on housing.

Whole home renovation is a major project, and it needs the approval of the appropriate government agency in charge of housing in your state. If you don’t get the right permission, you’re only attracting the wrath of the law.

The steps involved in large projects are the reason it takes almost a year or more to complete. Sadly, the renovation can’t commence unless the necessary paperwork, which takes a month or two for reviews, is ready. The paperwork is important due to the nature of large renovation projects.

The government must ensure you’re setting up the right structure with the right materials and correct calculations. It’s a good idea because it regulates the quality of the building and means you’ll be registering it as a legal entity.

Home Renovation Time Frame: The Breakdown

The home comprises different spaces. Most times, these spaces, which include the bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, attic, basement and so on, may need renovation separately. During the whole home renovation, you must touch some, if not all, of these rooms.

Several variables can affect the timeframe of home renovation projects. One example is that some spaces may be more time-consuming than others.

Here’s an overview of how long renovation can last, depending on the areas of the house that need work. It’ll enable you to understand the reason a whole home renovation takes that long.

The Kitchen

the kitchen If you plan to change the layout of your kitchen, like where you’ll have to position your appliances and sink, it may take you between 3 to 12 weeks for completion. The extended duration is because kitchen renovation involves re-running the plumbing structure, electric outlets, and gas lines.

The professional in charge will have to use a laser to measure the kitchen space for custom cabinets. Getting the right kitchen cabinets alone may take about two weeks or even more.

The kitchen is a sensitive area in the home because of the gas line for the stove. So you may want to ensure that things are correctly set to avoid gas leakage, which can lead to a fire outbreak.

Adding a Room

During a whole home renovation project, adding a room takes the longest time for completion. But it allows you to still have the other important areas (bathroom and kitchen) of your house intact, unlike other renovation projects.

Adding a room is just like building a new house from the onset. But this time, it’s on a smaller scale. The room addition project may experience delays due to weather conditions or delays in delivering materials.

The Basement

The good thing about finishing a basement is that you don’t have to spend much or start from scratch. However, your basement renovation project depends on the current state of the basement. You need to get good home renovation contractors to help you handle the renovation process efficiently.

The Bathroom

Bathrooms take a lot of time to complete during renovation. You may spend up to three weeks or above on the bathroom remodel. The tiling process alone is time-consuming. Measuring and cutting each tile may take a couple of weeks to complete, after which you have to let it dry.

Also, replacing the bowls and baths involves lots of breaking and replacing. But all the stress and troubles are worth it once you complete the renovation process.

Replacing the Roof

Roofing is one of the most important parts of a home, and it takes a few days to replace it. The roof covers and protects the house from rain, shine and other elements.

Thankfully, roof replacement is one of the easiest renovation projects. But you’ll have to bear the loud noise of the hammer, nail and other minor tools. Also, you have to re-park your cars from the house.

Hardwood Floors Refinishing

Refinishing the floors of your home is part of home renovation. It’s one of the most tedious parts of whole home renovations. You have to lift everything in the house or that particular space and take them elsewhere for the time being.

After the renovation, you have to move your items back into the house. The upside is that it gives your home a fresh look, and you can seize the opportunity to rearrange everything you’ve always been hoping to put in place.

In some cases, you may have to relocate with your family to avoid inhaling VOC fumes. Plus, the floor won’t be ready till the contractor applies the final coat of sealant.

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Factors Affecting the Timeframe of Whole Home Renovation

The following factors can extend the duration of the renovation process:


The most important factor during a home renovation is money! Without money, you can’t even kickstart the project.

Budgeting is one of the reasons you need to plan the renovation project before you commence. First, ensure that you have enough money to complete the project.

Sometimes, contractors may try to provide an accurate estimate, but you also have to be money conscious. Don’t start the project without properly planning for it financially. Try to budget for every project stage, then choose a remodel contractor that can work with your budget.

Quality materials will cost more, but it’s better to get quality materials that’ll last you a long while than to buy materials that’ll lose integrity quickly.

Availability of Renovation Materials

Getting renovation materials promptly speeds up the process. It’s one of the reasons it’s best to start planning for the renovation early enough.

Book the materials early enough so the vendors will deliver them accordingly. Inadequate supply of renovation materials adversely affects how long it takes to remodel your home.


The weather conditions during renovation must be sunny or normal. Rainy weather affects the whole home renovation, especially during roof replacement. Contractors may try to stick to the schedule, but mother nature may decide to ruin the plans.

Size of your Home

The size of your home has a huge impact on the duration of the renovation process. It’s a basic understanding that larger homes will take a longer time to complete.

The Design Type

design type The complication of some home remodel designs take longer to execute. It’s okay, so long as it’s what you want. But you have to understand that you may spend more time than usual trying to achieve it.

The Contractor

Contractors with poor business understanding and lack of experience can stall the progress of your renovation project. That’s why you need to hire the right home renovation contractors that’ll deliver your projects right on time.

Benefits of Whole Home Renovation

While how long a home renovation takes can be a stumbling block, the benefits of completing the project are well worth it.


Feeling comfortable in your house is a priceless experience. Home renovation increases the beauty of your house.

After the renovation, your house will have all the necessary amenities to make it comfortable for you. That’s why having comfort at the back of your mind during renovation is important.

Increase the Value of the Property

Home renovation increases the value of your building. The average home remodel project involves reconstructing certain areas of the house that need an uplift.

Those reconstructions and uplifts make the building more pleasing for people to rent. So, the more people want your property, the more value it accrues.


The longer a building lasts, the weaker it gets. So any construction older than 20 years will start to lose its integrity. Home renovation helps you repair the vulnerable parts of the building and make the structure stronger once more.

Planning for Whole Home Renovation

Planning for home renovation way before the actual renovation project is very important. It’ll serve as a roadmap or guideline for the renovation.

Here’s what you need to do while preparing for a whole home renovation project:

  • Lock your valuables in a safe space; no one will access them throughout the renovation process.
  • Depending on the scale of renovation, you can make bookings for temporary accommodation.
  • Engage in proper financial planning
  • Get the necessary government approval on time
  • Build a plan for the renovation, like what you want to see when you’re through with the renovation process.
  • Build a timeline
  • Hire contractors

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Final Words

A whole home renovation project can take anywhere from a few weeks to six months for completion. It depends on the extent of renovation and the changes you’re looking to make.

The renovation process is very time-consuming and draining if you don’t plan properly for it. A professional contractor can make the whole process easier for you and take the stress off you.

Check out our home renovation services at Basement Finishing Company. Our experience and expertise with home renovation projects mean we’ll do a good job and complete the project within the pre-agreed timeline. Get in touch with us today!