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How Can I Renovate My Kitchen Cheaply?

It’s only normal to want to renovate your kitchen cheaply. While you may want to revamp the way your kitchen looks, it’s still important to consider the money angle.

Thankfully, it’s possible to renovate a kitchen while on a budget. It depends on how well you can optimize taste, design and workload to make for an affordable remodel.

Factors like service charges can significantly increase the amount you’ll pay to remodel your kitchen. But there are some DIY methods you can apply to cut costs. For instance, you can engage in filing and painting the cabinet doors to save some painting costs.

Here, we’ll answer the question of how to renovate a kitchen cheaply. Below is a comprehensive guide to spending less on your kitchen renovation.

Is It Possible to Renovate Your Kitchen Cheaply?

Yes, you can renovate your kitchen cheaply. The cost of a kitchen renovation can be as low as $2,000. Kitchen remodel expenses can also rise to $60,000. It depends on your taste quality, type of items and the upgrade you prefer.

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Best Budget Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Below are effective kitchen remodel hacks that’ll help you save money:

You Need to Plan For It:

The first step to remodel your kitchen on a budget is designing a detailed budget (or plan) for the renovation. You need to map out the areas that need an upgrade carefully.

If you don’t have a plan, it may confuse you a bit during the renovation. You may get stuck in some areas and end up making impromptu decisions that can cause you extra bucks.

Start by taking a good look at your kitchen and identifying the areas that need a change. You can even create a list to go about your kitchen renovation in an organized manner. Link these tasks to each other for easy execution.

In other words, organize your list so your tasks will flow smoothly to each other. It’ll help you manage your thought process during the remodelling.

After organizing your list and creating a design plan, the next step is to see how you can complete the kitchen remodel tasks at pocket-friendly costs.

Declutter Your Kitchen

First, take out the unnecessary items or obsolete objects just lying around. Look around carefully and observe those items that haven’t been useful in a while. Then, take them to your storage room or sell the ones you can.

Decluttering your kitchen will create extra space. Then, the remodelling can commence appropriately because there’s enough space to experiment and move some items around.

Maintain the Kitchen Layout

maintain kitchen layout If you want to renovate your kitchen cheaply, it’s wise to maintain the footprint or layout to avoid increasing the renovation expenses.

For example, moving your plumbing for the dishwasher, refrigerator, or sink involves hiring a plumber and an electrician. Doing so will add to the cost of your kitchen remodel project.

Keeping the original layout of the kitchen while you simply update other elements is very cost-effective. It’ll help cut down on expenses because you won’t need plumbing and electrical materials, which can be very expensive.

If you change your kitchen layout, you’ll have to deal with the gaps in the flooring. Unless you’re ready to part with hundreds of dollars to install new flooring, maintain your kitchen layout!

Work on Your Kitchen Cabinets

Cabinets take up a large chunk of the kitchen space. New kitchen cabinetry can be very costly, especially when you need a custom-built type to fit your space.

If your old cabinets are in good shape, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars replacing them. It’s possible to refurbish solid wood cabinets and have them looking like new again.

You may just have to paint the cabinet doors to bring them back to life. Other ways to save money on the cabinetry part of your kitchen remodel include:

Sanding and Restaining

You can sand/ file and restain wooden kitchen cabinets to get rid of scratches, oily stains and unpleasant colours. Filing and restaining will give your wooden cabinets a new look, giving your kitchen a noticeably different appearance.


Painting your kitchen cabinets gives it a premium look on a budget. You can take out time to select colours that can give your kitchen a fresh feel. Just ensure you prime or sand your cabinets before painting them.

Many people opt for fancy colours for the cabinets, but it’s advisable to go for wall cream or bright white colours. These colours have a way of giving your kitchen a clean different look and feel.

Cabinet Hardware

One of the things you can do is replace the knobs, pull, and hinges with modern or present-time hardware. As small as those changes may seem, they’ll give your cabinet a new look.

Consider Changing Your Lighting

When renovating your kitchen on a budget, you can consider changing the lighting. It’s one of the cheapest and easiest ways to change the look of your kitchen. This process will take you just 30 minutes to complete.

You just have to get the kits which cost about $15- $20. They’re also easy to install, even for novices. Simply follow the instructions in the manual for easy installation.

Give The Floor a New Look

give floor new look One of the ways you can save money on kitchen remodelling is to manage the floor very well. If you have a wooden floor in your kitchen, consider painting it yourself.

A professional flooring retouch can cost up to $2,0000. Conversely, if you paint the flooring, you’ll only have to spend about $200.

Be Creative with Your Backsplash

One of the cost-effective ways to renovate your kitchen cheaply is to add a tile backsplash. Not only will the change be significant, but it’s also relatively easy to replace old tiles with new ones. It’s also straightforward to add a backspace where there wasn’t one before.

Tiles aren’t the only materials to use for a backsplash. You can use any material that’s water and dirt-resistant. If your budget for a backsplash is low or nonexistent, you can go for the stencils and paint option.

It’ll allow you to flex your creativity and artistic prowess. You can take the advantage to design a backsplash with lots of style and dimension with a minimal budget. Wallpapers can also suffice! They work great as a backsplash, but you have to make sure you get the heat-resistant type.

Refurbish Old Appliances or Get Budget-Friendly Ones

Kitchen remodelling has lots of people discarding their kitchen appliances. You can refurbish or service old appliances to keep them running. When remodelling on a budget, a total change of devices will significantly increase your expenses.

If there’s a need to replace any, you can forego top appliance brands for more affordable models that’ll do the job. If you’re brave enough, you can consider buying fairly used appliances put on sale during another person’s kitchen renovation.

Change Your Countertops

Countertops can enhance or degrade the look of your kitchen. If you’re keeping the old cabinets, now may be the time to replace the countertops to get a better look. You don’t have to break the bank for new countertops.

For low-budget kitchen designs, you can use wooden butcher blocks or resin. The advantage of these countertop types is that you can place them on a previous laminate counter or concrete. Also, go for countertops that will age gracefully.

Your kitchen cabinetry, budget and style will determine the type of countertop that fits your kitchen. But you can save more by opening your mind to different kinds of countertop materials. Also, look out for discounts, compare prices online and try to install it yourself. By doing so, you’ll be saving more funds.

Change the Tap

To make a statement in your kitchen, change your tap. Although it may slightly pass unnoticeable, taps add a unique character to a kitchen.

Go for a contemporary design with copper and ceramic handles. You can also get a black one or a stainless steel design. Just make sure you install an effective tap that’s in line with your budget.

Display Colourful Wall Art

Generally speaking, wall arts add beauty anywhere you find them. You can get beautiful artwork and hang it in your kitchen.

Endeavour to play with colours by positioning the painting where it’ll be eye-catchy. Try to use the wall colour and other items around to complement the artwork.

Improve Your Kitchen Storage

improve your kitchen storage If you have many items in the kitchen, you need to store them in an organized manner.

But, many a time, there’ll be space limitations, and that’s where you need to rethink your storage solutions. You can access the option of putting up extra shelves and hanging rails to manage space efficiently.

Bring the Kitchen Wall to Life

Add colour and liveliness to your kitchen wall by using wallpapers. You can cover the whole wall or just a part of it with beautiful wallpapers.

But make sure the colour and design you choose suit the kitchen. Also, get wallpaper that’s steam and heat resistant to prevent it from damaging easily. Revamping the wall is part of the ways you can renovate your kitchen on a budget.

Jazz Things Up with Some Bespoke Accessories

To give your kitchen a new look, you can get bespoke items or pieces to add class. You can go for vintage items too. There are many of them at charity shops, car boot sales, reclamation yards and antique shops.

eBay is also an excellent source for such items. For instance, you can use vintage cookware or bakeware to make your kitchen stylish on a low budget.

Get New Fabrics

The fabrics in the kitchen contribute to the outlook of your kitchen. You may want to replace old, torn and worn-out fabrics with new fresh ones.

Also, try changing the seat cushions, blinds or curtains and tablecloths. Don’t forget the tea towels too! Bright colours foster liveliness and work wonders without you having to break the bank.

Can I Renovate My Kitchen Myself?

Yes, you can do a DIY kitchen remodel. However, you need to possess the necessary skills and be willing to devote a large chunk of your time. It may not be a bad idea to ask your family, friends or people around you for a bit of help.

When you renovate your kitchen by yourself, it goes a long way to help you achieve it cheaply. But there are sensitive areas that may strictly require the services of a professional.

So instead of messing things up or causing yourself more expenses, it’s best to look for kitchen renovation experts.

Final Note

It’s understandable to want to give your kitchen a new look from time to time. But it doesn’t mean you have to break the bank when trying to do so.

Below, we have provided a list of hacks to help you renovate your kitchen cheaply. Sure, applying these DIY hacks can be very time-consuming and require specific skills.

On the brighter side, it gives you a chance to display your creativity and get things done precisely how you want them.

But you can save yourself the time and stress of remodelling your kitchen by using our kitchen renovation services.

Basement Finishing Company offers affordable kitchen renovation services. Get in touch with us today! We’ll discuss your budget with you and come up with a plan that toes the bottom line.