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Finished Basement Top Benefits For Canadians: More Space, More Savings, More Value

Many of us grew up thinking of the basement as the damp and dark place in the house, where people only went to when there was a problem with the boiler or the electricity. But not anymore. Today’s basement can be just as warm and inviting as the living room and by not letting space go to waste, the homeowner can reap quite a lot of benefits.

  1. That additional room that’s been missing? It can be done

Not everyone can afford a house with many rooms and for big families in particular, a guest room is something that could make a huge difference and finishing the basement is just the way to do it. An extra room can also help resolve some high unmet needs that Canadian families are facing: overcrowding. In big cities such as Toronto as many as 85% of families struggle living in cramped homes with more people than rooms available, turning basements into appropriate accommodation can take a lot of the pressure off. At the same time, many cities impose zoning restrictions on properties, which means if a house is already two stories for instance, homeowners are not allowed to expand anymore. Remodeling the basement can make that expansion dream come true without the hassle.

  1. Plan on selling at some point? A finished basement is a great return on investment

The Remodelling Magazine issues its Remodelling Cost vs. Value Report every year in an effort to help people make informed decisions about their home renos. According to them, a finished basement is the smartest decision a homeowner can make. With a 70% return on investment, it has successfully triumphed over the bathroom (64%) or kitchen remodels (65%).

  1. More energy saving, lower heating costs

Virtually every unfinished basement causes heat loss. That means a higher electricity bill for every cold month of the year. In some areas of Canada that is a lot more than the average winter months and with temperatures as low as −19°C, heating can get quite costly. Insulating basement floors, walls and ceiling can save as much as 15% of the heat that gets lost through basement walls and foundation footings. In addition to cost, a finished basement can be a key step towards a more energy-efficient home which is something so crucial in overcoming today’s global warming threats.


Whatever the reason may be, a finished basement is definitely a must of all home improvement projects in Canada, regardless if a homeowner wants to sell or make their homes more comfortable, cost-effective and cozy for their families. It may seem like a huge undertaking, but with the right services and professionals not only it can be done in as little as 2 weeks, but the inconvenience is kept to a minimum and people can start reaping the benefits straight away. Contact Basement Finishing Company today!

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