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is it cheaper to buy or renovate house

Is it Cheaper to Buy or Renovate a House?

It can be challenging to decide whether to buy or renovate a house in Ontario, with the cost of buying a new house sitting above $450,000. With the way the current price of buying a house is steadily increasing, renovation may be a better idea.

worth renovating house

Is It Worth Renovating A House?

At first, a home renovation project sounds like a great idea. Then you give it more thought, and you start to wonder if the house renovation will be worth it. Yes, renovations often result in better designs and sometimes more satisfaction with the place you

Home renovation in 2021

Top Home Renovation Ideas 2021

2020 was a year when many of us spent a lot more time at home which gave us an opportunity to start home projects and contemplate projects for this year. What are Canadians prioritizing for home renovation in 2021? Time at home has given many

Basement Finishing Cost

Are You Making a Lucrative Investment

Home Renovations One of the best investment projects you could ever venture into is home renovations Canada if you want something lucrative with high return on investment. Remodeling your home could be a small or huge decision depending on the kind of renovation you want.