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Best Bathroom Renovation Ideas for 2021

The search for excellent bathroom renovation ideas can be pretty exhausting. The reason is there are so many options. From floor tiles and bathtubs to sink and showers, there are different renovation styles to suit every taste.

Previously, grey was the most popular bathroom remodelling style but not anymore. 2021 bathroom trends incorporate earthy tones, minimalist designs, warm colours, contemporary, dark designs and more.

With the best bathroom renovation ideas, you can make your bathroom more than a place for self-care. Most homeowners want their bathroom to be a space that’s not only comfortable but can withstand the test of time. They want a room that can increase the resale value of their homes. No doubt, not all popular renovation trends guarantee these.

In a bid to help you achieve the best bathroom design, we’ll provide you with the top 20 remodelling ideas that meet more than the above requirements. If you’re about to change your bathroom or you want a glimpse of what to expect, draw inspiration from our bathroom renovation ideas 2021.

20 Top Bathroom Renovation Ideas

From ostentatious to minimalist, this list includes a design upgrade for every bathroom style.

1. Graphic Wallpaper

Plain wallpapers have always been among the outstanding bathroom renovation ideas. But, it gets better when you incorporate graphics.

You can cover your walls in 3D or classical print graphics. This design best suits simple white bathtubs and ceilings. It’ll give your bathroom a stylish, contemporary and subtle look.

2. Brass and Gold

Gold and brass fixtures have been in use since the eighteenth century. Today, they’re taking over taps, toilets, sinks and other fixtures in the bathroom. Compared to the old shiny polished fixtures, they convey a modern, sleek and cool feel. With this design, you’ll add dimension, luxury and depth to your space.

As a bonus, brass and gold keep water spots and fingerprints hidden. Their cool tone will also complement your light fixtures, mirrors and hardware.

3. Black Bathtub

black bathtub This inspiration for bathroom renovation mixes the charm and elegance of a clawfoot tub with black. In this trend, your bathtub will be stained black to fit the polished walls for a flawless outcome. It also gives your space a romantic feel.

4. Cocoon Room

Unlike 2020, present bathroom renovation ideas are similar to spa room designs. Most homeowners want a private space where they can relax and unwind.

If you want to redesign your bathroom to be more than a functional place, then the cocoon design is for you.  As the name implies, this design creates a mood that allows you to enjoy quiet comfort and luxury.

Cocooning features scented candles, dim lights and luxury fittings. It may also include saunas, steam rooms, hypnotherapy showers and massaging showers. With this kind of bathroom upgrade, you can expect to experience full spa-like procedures in the comfort of your home.

5. Warm Earth

Give your bathroom a natural appearance with earthy tones. A warm earth bathroom renovation idea features warmer shades like biscuit, terracotta, caramel and rust.

Use tiles and floorings with tactile finishes and earthy colours that come off as clinical and cold. Then, contrast them with edgy black bathtubs, basins or taps to enhance definition. You can also use unfinished timber to achieve this bathroom renovation design.

6. Pebble Floors

Clean smooth stones always complement clear water. Aside from that, the natural pebble stone provides the required grip between the floor and wet feet. You can also top this design with a marble or granite wall.

7. Medicine cabinets and advanced mirrors

Four out of five homeowners change mirrors during renovation. A lighted mirror medicine cabinet is the new trend. They’re a remarkable choice for bathroom design projects. This decor choice lends ambience without reflections or added glare on your mirror. Aside from that, they can function as an excellent nightlight when dim.

They’re a great decorative piece to have in your bathroom. The backlit mirror makes a luminous reflection on the wall that lends the mirage of a floating mirror. You can use this effect to create highlighted textures or focal points wall coverings behind your faucet.

8. Skylights

You can counteract darker bathroom renovation ideas with the presence of skylights. But, this doesn’t mean they don’t match bathrooms with earthy and minimalist decor.

The most significant benefit of this design piece is it adheres to all the bathroom renovation guidelines. It adds natural light and ventilation to improve the mood of your space. A skylight will also increase the resale value of your home.

9. Wood Accents

If you don’t know what to do with your bathroom, the wood accent design is a remodelling trend to try. It practically compliments any colour. Considering that they pair beautifully with industrial and vintage designs, it’s not surprising they’re popular.

The wood accent adds a traditional design to your modern bathroom. For this renovation idea, you must use wooden furniture and flooring in your bathroom.

10. Eclectic Attitude

Of all the bathroom renovation ideas, this design requires a blend of modern and traditional materials. It features marble tiles that incorporate wood flooring, a conventional chandelier, black metal doors and a stylish shower.

11. Rain Showers

Rain showers are no doubt among the must-try ideas for bathroom renovation. This decor best fits the modern bathroom. It offers less water pressure and mirrors the effect of a rain downpour. Not to mention, they provide a calming atmosphere in your bathroom.

12. Big-format wall tiles

Recently, big mosaic wall tiles have become a popular bathroom renovation style. This design makes your space look larger while displaying fewer grout lines. It translates to fewer dried-on grout to clean. Besides that, they give your bathroom luxury, especially when used alongside stone-look materials and pebble floors.

This wall installation also complements the popping tile hues that may gain popularity in 2021. They fit warm earthy and inviting neutral tones like tan, brown, mushroom, and beige shades. Since these colours offer a perfect atmosphere for authentic designs, the large wall tiles are an ideal trend to jump on.

13. Smart toilet

A smart toilet is one of the best bathroom renovation ideas that makes your functional space healthier to occupy.

Formerly, they were referred to as a costly and futuristic bathroom innovation. But not anymore. Presently, they serve as an exceptional alternative to traditional toilets that are difficult to clean.

Smart toilets come with hands-free units like automatic flushing and self-closing tops. Another interesting thing about this toilet is the self-cleaning features are in line with UNICEF safe water and toilet hygiene. This includes a self-deodorizer, an emergency flushing system during power outages and germ-killing UV lights under the lid.

Considering it suits wall-mount fixtures and smooth surfaces, it tends to exclude the corners and uncovered plumbing of conventional toilets. This undoubtedly makes the cleaning of its exterior easier.

14. Forever Green

forever green If you’re fond of small gardens, the forever green design trend is ideal. This renovation idea allows you to incorporate greenery in your bathroom. It features eye-catching furniture, ceramics and tiles in green shades.

The soft green shade evokes a natural sense of harmony and calm. At the same time, a bold and dark shade offers depth and individuality to your space.

Above all, the forever green style gives your bathroom a life-enhancing tie with nature. This decor complements walls and tiles of saturated colours. Or better still, you can pair it with a countertop basin and a modern vanity unit.

15. Minimalist design

Gone are the days of having a cluttered and messy bathroom. Visually and architecturally, it’s best to keep the bathroom spacious and less crowded.

Of all the bathroom renovation ideas in 2021, the minimalist mood is the cheapest to install. Aside from that, it allows you to personalize your space while keeping it simple.

The bathroom will look better if you put your towels on bars instead of racks. Again, rather than a thick vanity, a wall-mounted basin or pedestal will make your bathroom look bigger.

Embrace clear glass doors instead of shower curtains. The style aims to declutter your bathroom and lend it a contemporary look.

minimalist design 16. Crittall framing style

If you’re looking for classic bathroom renovation ideas, you may want to choose Crittall. This design was invented in the seventeenth century.

During that time, mental-framed windows were very super popular. With the various design trends, it has resurfaced, but with a modern twist. Try it in your bathroom to frame shower walls or for windows.

17. Botanical walls

Embrace foliage, grass and bloom flowers in your small bathroom for a big, bright and bold impact.

In Canada, you can hardly find a balmy tropical environment but that shouldn’t hinder you from introducing it in your bathroom. Surround your space with lovely colours, lush greenery and round it off using quirky details.

18. Smart fixtures

Above, we mentioned smart toilets but you can also give your whole bathroom a tech upgrade. If you’re into sci-fi you’ll find this bathroom renovation idea exciting.

From USB ports and demisting mirrors to LED temperature and integrated charging, your bathroom can be an oasis for advanced technology. In 2021, smart fixtures like mini-fridges, smart showers, automatic sinks and more are finding a home in the bathroom.

Another popular smart trend is the in-built Bluetooth speaker. With it, you can easily listen and dance to songs without taking your phone to the bathroom.

Aside from that, there are also voice recognition features for smart mirrors, temperature control, lighting, and showers. In fact, with technology the prospects are unlimited.

Today, bathrooms are transforming into personalized spa rooms and these advanced tech features will make your self-care time more convenient and relaxing.

19. Industrial styles vanities and sinks

Not many people are familiar with this style. Also, it may not suit everyone. But with the increasing popularity expect to see it in most bathrooms. Considering the growing trend of unique tile patterns, brass and gold fixtures and wood accents, incorporating industrial vanity in your bathroom only makes sense.

Its modern and sleek look perfectly matches the class and edgy remodelling trend. You can install industrial sinks with matte black faucets, bright colours and different tile patterns to make your space more modern. They also fit well in smaller houses and hall bathrooms. This trendy and urbanized style is certain to stand out in 2021.

20. Open showers and big bathtubs

Regarding ideas for bathroom renovations, you can never go wrong with this style. During remodelling, there’s always a possibility for more space and expansion. Most homeowners choose to renovate because of space. By installing compact storage, you have more room to enlarge your shower and bath.

  • Open showers:  Open showers visually expand your bathroom’s size while making it more convenient for you. Although some people see it as an absence of privacy, others like the accessible exposure and improved shower space.
  • Big bathtubs: What’s better than having a bathtub where you can lie and relax? You deserve a space to unwind after a long day and the best place to experience comfort is your bathroom. Besides, they’re a cheaper option for individuals who can’t afford a jacuzzi-styled tub.

If you’re clueless about what to do with your bathroom, consider open showers and big bathtubs.

open showers and big bathtubs How Can I Save Costs On Remodeling My Bathroom?

You don’t have to change all the accessories and fixtures in your space. You can simply use wallpapers instead of painting your walls. Alternatively, you can paint or polish your flooring rather than replacing it.

Instead of going for a bold look, you can keep things minimal and bright. Or mix both to have a balanced effect. Whatever affordable style you choose, ensure it fits perfectly into your bathroom and most importantly, it’s eye-catching.

Are The 2021 Bathroom Renovation Ideas Durable?

All the bathroom design trends on this list have an average lifespan of 7-10 years before they require maintenance. If these renovation ideas are managed under the best conditions, they can last for an extended period. However, since most homeowners prefer to often switch the look of their space, 10 years is an excellent benchmark when considering longevity.

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Final Thoughts

The bathroom renovation ideas are on-trend and are set to define 2021. With stylish surfaces and fixtures, you can transform your bathroom into a peaceful resort. Whatever style you pick, it’s certain to lend luxury and beauty to your space.

Now, installing your preferred bathroom look doesn’t have to be stressful or expensive. To get the best results, check out our bathroom renovation services.

Here at Basement Finishing Company, we’re home to professionals who have the experience and skills to provide top-notch results every time.

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