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Basement Renovations on a Budget

We are always looking to free up more space at home whether it’s intended for additional storage space, or maybe change the basement around and turn it into a separate living area. No matter what your ideas are, renovating your basement will give you extra space. Renovating your basement can be expensive when the costs related to drywall; finishing, flooring and framing are added.


You don’t need to spend a fortune to renovate your basement. It’s possible to renovate your basement when you are on a budget. Without a hefty price tag on renovations, you can add style and comfort to your basement to get that extra space you’ve always wanted. Here’s how you can renovate your basement on a budget.

Keep the Industrial Look

When it comes to renovating your basement, one of the most expensive tasks is to cover the ceiling and get a perfect finish. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on getting a false ceiling, you can keep the industrial look for the basement. Painting the ceiling joists black will give it an illusion of depth allowing the ceiling to recede and be less noticeable.

Use Oriented Stand Board to Cover Concrete Walls

Covering concrete walls when renovating your basement can be very expensive. However, if you use an oriented stand board to cover the concrete walls, they are a good option to include in subfloors or use them as sheathing for a creative way to divide the basement into different segments.

Use White Paint

If you have a walk-out basement then you might have a lot of natural light. Nevertheless, if you have a closed basement with tiny windows or no windows at all then the best option is to paint the entire basement white. The while colour will give the illusion of a well-lit wide-open space. The white paint will also feel like it increased the height of the ceiling. You can turn your basement into a complete house with its separate kitchen, bathroom and bedroom if you have a large enough basement.

Have a Focal Point

By having a focal point in your basement the entire renovation process will be finished on time. You can add a shelving area and get a rack for television, books or games. Use rugs and massive but soft furniture to complete your basement renovations. The focal point will make it easier for you to add some personal elements to the basement. The final version of the renovated basement will be a style statement making it a perfect private space for you.

Build a Bathroom

Include a small but cozy bathroom in your basement renovation plans. It will be a good investment in the long term if you planning to make the basement your own private space. Having a bathroom will be a good idea because you would have an extra living space that is completely private with its own bathroom. The investment in a bathroom in your basement renovations will pay off if you decide to rent the space. Contact Basement Finishing Company today!


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