Basement Finishing Company in Toronto Basement Finishing Company in Toronto
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Your Basement Renovation Contractor in Toronto

Is your home living up to the excitement and beauty of the city? Basement Finishing Company works with Toronto homeowners to give them a home worth returning to even after experiencing the thrills of this entertainment and culture center.  We do it all, from simple bathroom upgrades to major basement renovations.

Kitchen Renovations

Whether you’re a gourmet chef or your specialty is “cereal,” our master remodelers can update, improve or renovate your basement kitchen to create a space you’ll love being in. Some of our most popular basement kitchen renovations in Toronto requests include:

  • Easy Close Cabinets: Instead of old cabinetry that often sticks or doesn’t stay closed properly, we have new storage options, including easy-open features powered by hydraulic technology.
  • Monochromatic Color Schemes: Sleek, modern kitchens with black, greys, and white are popular choices. We have the fixtures and cabinetry to make this refined look happen in a big way.
  • Small Kitchen Renovations: Toronto residents can finally get the space they need with our innovative storage options and design elements to open up the room.
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Bathroom Renovations

Don’t underestimate the importance of basement bathroom renovations! Toronto homes with old and tiny bathrooms can increase the value and comfort of their home with our professional-quality fixtures and experienced design and building options. Popular upgrades include marble countertops, elegant fixtures, and updated electric and plumbing systems.

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Basement Renovations 

We make your basement your new favorite room! If you find yourself dreading going down to a dreary, cold, unfinished basement, then you need our premium basement renovations. Toronto residents can transform this space from being basic and utilitarian into something they can use for a home office, rec room, or even an apartment to rent out.

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Call a Basement Finishing Company in Toronto today to get started on a remodeling project to improve your home and your quality of life today! Contact us at 1-416-371-3097 to request a free, in-home estimate.