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Is your “throne” room looking like it’s not even fit for the servants’ quarters?  You likely spend a good portion of each day in your washroom and with the right improvements, you can take that tiny, cluttered or rundown space and turn it into an area you enjoy. Basement Finishing Company provides kitchenbasement and bathroom renovations in Mississauga with expert craftsmanship.

Improving Your Home with Bathroom Renovations in Mississauga

With professional basement renovations, Mississauga homeowners can transform this space into a tranquil oasis, rustic sanctuary, or any other setting they desire. Some of our most popular ways to improve and upgrade your bathroom include:

  • All-new fixtures for a quick way to brighten the room
  • Replacement countertops for a sleek new look
  • Custom cabinetry and increased storage space
  • Small bathroom remodeling
  • Energy-efficient upgrades to plumbing and electric
  • Installation of additional bathrooms in the basement
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Advantages of Basement Renovations Mississauga

Added space is one of the biggest (literally and figuratively) advantages of basement renovations. Mississauga homeowners can get additional living space in their homes without dealing with the expense or city rules regarding building an addition to a property. Popular options for basement upgrades include adding a home office, rental space, or recreation center.

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Popular Kitchen Renovations

For  kitchen renovations, Mississauga homeowners want to create a certain look for their homes. This often includes going sleek and modern with monochromatic shades of grey, white, and black. However, there is also a trend of taking kitchens to a more rustic look. This can include wood flooring, farmhouse sinks, and anything else you can imagine to transport your home to a bygone era. Basement Finishing Company has the expertise and skilled craftsmen to do all this and more while giving you the ultimate in modern technology and energy-saving appliances and design.

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Getting Started with Your Kitchen, Basement or Bathroom Renovations, Mississauga

To begin transforming any area in your home, call Canada’s trusted remodeler in Mississauga, Basement Finishing Company. Contact us at 1-416-371-3097 to schedule a free, in-home consultation.