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Your Top Basement Renovations Contractor in Hamilton

Basement Finishing Company specializes in creating dream homes out of even the simplest of abodes. We help you transform your home into the one you’ve always wanted with our innovative basement, kitchen, and bathroom renovations. Hamilton homeowners can add storage, upgrade appliances and change the entire look of one or more rooms in their home with our expert craftsmen, contractors, and designers.

Benefits of Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations in Hamilton

Our expert electricians and plumbers allow us to offer both upgrades to the current kitchens and baths and the installation of completely new systems. Many homeowners choose to convert their unfinished basements by adding showers, stoves, and other elements to turn the space into an apartment area.

  • Added Home Value: Making upgrades to your home not only ups the amount you can ask for but also increases the appeal to customers. If you ever find yourself needing to sell quickly or during a buyers’ market, having extras like a finished bathroom can mean the difference between selling fast and letting the home languish on the market for months.
  • Work and Gym Space: Bring the things you need to do closer to home by installing a gym, home office, or workshop. Having this area right in your basement allows you enough privacy to not feel like you’re still at home and needing to deal with household issues, but close enough that you more easily make time for loved ones. Soundproofing options are also available for this purpose.
  • Comfort and Peace of Mind: There’s no doubt that Basement Finishing Company makes your home and life more comfortable. Having the right contractors do the job allows you to feel safe in knowing that you have the most energy-efficient options and the best materials used in construction.
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Begin the transformation of your home now with Basement Finishing Company. Hamilton customers, call us at 1-416-371-3097 to schedule a free, in-home estimate where our experts will walk you through available options, and financing and help you get ideas from our catalog of completed projects.