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Make your basement kitchen a functional and beautiful center of your home in Barrie with Basement Finishing Company’s home renovations services. You can convert cramped, cluttered, and inefficient Basement kitchens to gourmet showplaces with our comprehensive list of renovation services. We also specialize in basement and bathroom renovations. Barrie homeowners can get the most from their home and renovation budget with our expert team of builders, electricians, plumbers, and designers.

Popular home Renovations Types in Barrie:

  • Energy-Efficient Basement Kitchen RenovationsBarrie residents can replace their energy-draining appliances with Energy Star-approved ones to save on monthly bills and get more consistent performance.
  • Basement Bathroom RenovationsBarrie customers often opt to upgrade small bathrooms with better storage options or add in a new bathroom to their basement. Updated fixtures are also a popular choice and can brighten your room with minimal time and expense.
  • Retro and Modern Styles: Along with functional upgrades like energy-saving appliances, we can also give your kitchen or bathroom a whole new look with sleek, monochromatic fixtures for a modern vibe. Go retro with black and white linoleum or get a rustic look with wooden floors and a large, farmhouse sink.
  • Basement Renovations: Basements are often overlooked spaces that serve as little more than cluttered storage. However, with the right remodeling, you can claim this space for a wide range of uses. Transform it into a home office or gym to get the things you need close by without hassling with a commute. Turn your basement into a fully functioning living space to get the ultimate guest room or rental property.
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Get started on your basement remodeling today by contacting our licensed and insured contractors at Basement Finishing Company today. We offer superior warranties, comprehensive insurance, and professional building and design services to make each remodel a success. Call us today at 1-416-371-3097 to schedule a free, in-home consultation in your residence in Barrie.