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Basement Ideas and How to Make the Most of Your Space

Opting to finish your basement provides you with more livable space to meet your lifestyle needs and wants. This is especially great for small homes, where space is limited, and can also help increase the overall house value. However, once the space is finished, what’s next? How do you turn this newly renovated space into a comfortable living area?

If you are facing a similar quandary, then you’re in the right place. Read on for basement ideas and learn how you can make the most of your space.

Divide the Basement’s Function

The majority of basements have quite a bit of unused space. As a result, you should try to divide the function of your basement into zones for different activities. For example, if you are turning your basement into a “general purpose” area, consider making one zone for an entertainment center, one area for games, and even a lounge or wet bar. Try to brainstorm what would be most beneficial for your family when making your “zones” to create a functional space.

Keep Things Light

When you think basement, you likely think dark and dreary. There’s a reason for this – a lack of windows which makes natural lighting scarce. If you want to keep your newly renovated basement from feeling like a cold, dark, dank cave, then keep the materials, paint colors and other features light and airy. This can help the ceilings seem taller and the rooms seem bigger.

Storage Space

Among the most popular basement ideas is maximizing storage space as a backup for overflowing upstairs closets. Don’t sacrifice floor space for large cabinets – invest in multifunctional furniture instead! Coffee tables with drawers, shelves that double as décor, and pullout couches are all great pieces to consider for your newly renovated basement.

Implement our foolproof basement ideas to transform your space into a place every member of the family looks forward to spending time in!