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heated basement

Basement Finishing: Heating Considerations to Make

Should you heat your basement? Heating a basement is a cost-effective way to increase comfortable living space, protect your home from mold and increase home value. While many homeowners choose not to heat their basement because of additional heating costs, a warmer basement can mean

Is Basement Finishing In Winter a Good Idea?

Do you need to wait until spring for basement finishing? Toronto has notoriously cold winters and this often discourages homeowners from making basement renovations of any kind. However, you could be missing a great opportunity! Here we will look at the benefits of basement finishing

How to Choose a Reliable Basement Renovator in Vaughan

How to Choose a Reliable Basement Renovator in Vaughan Choosing the right basement finishing company for your basement renovations in Vaughan requires research and time. The last thing you want is to engage the services of a company that fails to deliver on seeing the

Cost of Kitchen Renovation

What Is The Cost of Kitchen Renovations In Toronto?

The cost of kitchen renovations in Toronto will vary based on the extent of work you need to be done. However, one thing is sure, kitchen renovations costs are well worth it. The value and aesthetic appeal that renovations will add to your kitchen are

Basement Renovation in Toronto: Steps You Need To Take

Basement renovation in Toronto can be a very daunting task, especially when you face that dark, probably musty and cold basement for the first time. However, renovating and finishing your basement is not as complicated as it sounds.  We admit that the entire basement renovation

Best Heating Options for a Finished Basement

Best Heating Options for a Finished Basement

Finished basements are getting increasingly popular in Toronto, and it’s no surprise at all. Asides from the monetary value finishing your basements add to your home, it also makes your basement a much more comfortable place to be. Another plus side to having a finished

How Long Does Basement Finishing in Toronto Take?

Basement finishing in Toronto is one of the best ways you can add value to your home while claiming more livable and valuable space. Although, this project is a great idea, however, people often feel reluctant to explore the opportunity because of a certain factor

Why You Need a Finished Basement

Why You Need a Finished Basement

Finished basements are all the rave in Toronto today. In cities with high property prices, basements are often fitted out to a high standard and used as living space. Basements have the potential to significantly increase the value of your property. By finishing this space,

Cost of Basement Finishing

Cost of Basement Finishing

Basement finishing is a great way to increase the value of your home and reclaim more livable space. It may be on your mind to increase the value of your home or expand your family’s living space. However, the cost of finishing your basement will