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Basement Renovations In 3 Weeks

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Basement Finishing

Our Renovations Options

Renovation can mean a lot of different things, from basic upgrades to complete overhauls and the building of additional rooms. Our primary remodeling types are:

Bathroom Renovations

As a functional room, bathrooms sometimes don’t get as much attention as they should, considering how much time we spend in them. Basement Finishing Company strives to make this room the relaxing, comfortable oasis you deserve. We can install everything from basic fixtures to complete new and custom designed tubs and cabinetry. Increased storage in large and small bathrooms helps to make the early morning rush easier. Recessed lighting and other lighting upgrades are also a great way to make the space look and feel better by adding more natural light or dimmers.

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bathroom renovations

Kitchen Renovation

With our wide array of kitchen renovation options you can create a space perfect for gourmet cooking, casual entertaining and more. Some of our most popular kitchen additions include:

  • Increased Storage: If you’ve ever opened a cabinet and had to duck as a can or box came tumbling out then you know the difference proper storage can make. Our team will assess your kitchen and recommend options like custom cabinets, building a pantry or installing open shelves.
  • Small Kitchen Renovation: Cramped, cluttered kitchens can be opened up and become more efficient with our innovative designs. Open shelving and bright colors help to make the space feel larger while still providing storage space.
  • Energy-Efficient Upgrades: Save on monthly bills and get more consistent performance from your appliances with our energy-efficient upgrades. We specialize in updating plumbing and electrical systems as well to ensure you get safe, secure performance.
  • Improved Lighting: We can add recessed lighting, hanging lights and more to illuminate work areas in the kitchen and give the room a more pleasing look overall.
  • Themed Remodeling: We can help you achieve a variety of looks for your kitchen from cool and modern to rustic or retro. Large, trendy farmhouse sinks pair well with wood floors while all chrome appliances make for an ultra-modern look.
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Full Home Renovation

Whether you a “new to you” fixer upper or want to upgrade a home you’ve been in for a long time, our whole home renovation options allow you to brighten and renew your house.

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Finished Basement

Basement Finishing Company is proud to serve the Greater Toronto Area with the best in kitchen, bathroom and basement renovations. We love doing our part to make the area more beautiful and comfortable for our customers and residents. This is why we are dedicated to installing Energy-Star rated appliances to help keep the environment clean and healthy for everyone.

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Basement Finishing and Renovations in Toronto & GTA

Basement Finishing Company is top choice for home and basement renovations in the Greater Toronto Area. Our team of dedicated electricians, plumbers, builders and designers work together to bring our customers the greatest selection and best options for each home and basement finishing or remodeling project we do. Along with our trained and licensed team, we also offer a comprehensive warranty on all home & basement renovations services and liability insurance on all our work. We do everything possible to ensure new customer become repeat customers!

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Basement Renovations

One of our most popular services, basement renovations allow customers to get additional space without having to move, add an addition or rent a storage unit. Common basement renovations include:

basic basement finishing

Full Renovation

Basic Basement Finishing

With this option we often put in flooring and cover the bare walls of an unfinished basement. This makes the space more inviting and open for a variety of activities.

extra space


Additional Living Space

With our access to professional plumbing and electrical work, we’re able to install both kitchens and bathrooms in your basement. This creates a fully functional living space perfect for use as a guest room or rental property.

workspace finishing

For All

Workspace or Gym

Basements, especially when soundproofed, create a private space perfect for working and exercising.

basement renovating

Basement Finishing

Scheduling Your Home Renovation Free Consultation

Your consultation is more than just a simple price estimate. When we complete your in-home appointment, we’ll discuss your goals for your home and help determine your budget along with all the options available to you. We pride ourselves on working with our customers to get the best results and offering the greatest selection of home renovation options. During your consultation, we will:

  • Help you get ideas from our catalogue of completed projects
  • Determine your best, most reasonable budget
  • Give you an estimate based on a variety of factors and discuss what could affect the final cost
  • Walk you through both precut and custom elements like counters and cabinets
  • Go over financing options to determine the best payment schedule for your project
  • Look at inspiring before and after photos of our home projects
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Basement Finishing

Home Renovations Advantages

At Basement Finishing Company, we’re committed to ensuring your complete satisfaction with our home & basement renovations work from the first day we consult with you until well after the project is done and you’re already enjoying your remodeled home or basement. Some of the ways we ensure this is with these advantages:

  • Comprehensive insurance to cover the unlikely event of property damage or physical injury
  • All proper training, licensing and certification for our workers and contractors
  • Friendly, responsive customer service with fast response times so you never have to wait for an answer or wonder where your project is headed.
  • 2-Year warranties on our services to ensure you will enjoy your renovations for years to come
  • Customized home & basement design options and help from our professional design team to give you a hands-on experience in the creation of your newly remodeled room or home
  • Informative consultations that will help you decide your budget and determine your goals for your home.
  • We treat each project with the personalized touch it deserves so you can rest assured that we’ll do everything possible to make your dreams for your home come true. One of our many values as a company is a commitment to giving our customers exactly what ask for without pushing anything unnecessary.
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Home Renovation Projects

To begin your home renovation project, call Basement Finishing Company at 647-370-9448 for fast service from one of our knowledgeable representatives. We’ll schedule your FREE, in-home consultation at your earliest convenience. We can’t wait to start building your dream home with you!